Finding a good tutor might be harder than you think. Despite common beliefs, people who are really good at Maths do not necessarily make good tutors. Often, these people find it hard to break concepts down into their more simple parts because their understanding of complex mathematical concepts c...

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Online tutoring has become the norm during the covid-19 lockdown in Victoria. At Maths Tutors Melbourne, we have a highly adaptable, interactive online classroom which is making online tutoring just as effective as private, one-on-one, in home tuition. Learn more here: https://www.mathstutorsmelb...

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Maths Tutor's Melbourne on How to Help Your Child With Homework
As parents we all want the best for our children, but there is a fine line between not offering enough help, and doing the work for them. Here are some tips to find the perfect balance when helping your children with their homework:

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Too many young adults have no idea how to study. They read over notes, do a few practice questions and think they're ready for the assessment. Then they get 50-70% and are pretty happy with that because that's what they are used to. It's all they think they are capable of. But, if you can learn t...

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In my opinion, the reason so many students need a tutor in Melbourne has little to do with their ability. It also has little to do with the teacher or content delivery. The biggest problem with high school maths education is the curriculum itself. And it needs to change. The curriculum is overloa...

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So, it's almost the beginning of the school year. Some parents find themselves wondering whether or not their child needs a tutor. If you have been wondering this for a while, then they probably do. And, it's better to get in early rather than leave it until they are too far behind, lack motivati...

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It's that time of year already! Time to start getting your children ready for the new school year. Whether you are dreading it or looking forward to it, there are a number of things you need to do to get yourself, and your kids ready. These include:
- developing routines
- organising uniforms and...

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5 months ago
It was so lovely to speak with Jenny and be connected so quickly with a fantastic tutor for my daughter. Her results and confidence have improved dramatically and we look forward to continued support and improvement in the new year
- Steph R

In home private Maths tuition

Maths Tutor Melbourne provides private in-home tutoring for your child. We have been teaching in Mathematics in and around the Melbourne area for the past several years. Our tutors are well experienced, qualified and accredited to teach Mathematics. You can rely on our teaching to get your desired results for your child.

Our proven teaching methods ensure to increase the skills of your child. It also provides complete understanding and knowledge of all the mathematics topics. We cover mathematics within the Victorian Curriculum and Victorian Certificate of Education, VCE. You can reach us by a phone call at 03-9021-3713 or using a filled online request form at our official website.

Benefits of Professional Private In-home Teaching 
Our professional instructors will reach your place to teach mathematics to your child. Professional in-home teaching has a lot of benefits apart from providing hassle-free teaching. Some of the benefits include:

1. No need to drive - Students and parents need not drive to distant places to and from the tuition sessions. You can get well-qualified tutors right at your home to teach in the respective subjects.

2. Safe and comfortable - Students and parents feel safe, comfortable and convenient with private in-home teaching. Students are not exposed to the dangers and risks of the outdoors when they at the comfort of their home environment.

3. Customized lessons - The lessons taught to the students are customized and personalized to suit the student's abilities. Every student has a different foundation of knowledge and learning abilities. The pace and methods of teaching are customized to suit the capabilities, schedule, and comfort of the student.

4. Adapting to changing demands - The course and teaching subjects set as per the latest curriculum. Students get overwhelmed with the high pace and too many contents of lessons. In-home private tutors adapt themselves to these changing demands and needs.

5. One-on-one teaching with personal attention -The One-on-one coaching to your child provides individual care and personal attention for your child. It enables your child to get enough opportunities to get all the questions clarified. It also helps to address their weak areas, individual attention that boosts their skills and knowledge.

6. Choose the right teacher - Private tuition provides the option to choose the right tutor for your child with whom you are confident and comfortable. You need not worry about bout tutoring and focus on your other priorities.

7. Get help with homework - Your child needs the necessary help and practice to complete homework. Private tuition is ideal to provide this support. It includes enough practice tests to evaluate the skills and knowledge imparted to students.

8. Easy to understand materials - The materials provided to students are prepared by experienced and expert tutors. They are designed to make it easy to follow and understand. It enables students to lay a strong foundation in topics with great confidence.

9. Flexible and convenient - You can choose your schedule and location with private tuitions. Private Tutors are flexible and convenient to match the schedules, location, and requirements of your child.

Our Tutors
Our tutors are well qualified and experienced to teach your child Maths, we offer by far the best maths tutoring service in Melbourne Our fees are affordable and depend on the qualification and experience of the tutors. Our tutors have a wide range of experience and background in teaching in all topics of Mathematics.

1. Undergraduate tutors - Undergraduate tutors are the students who are studying in Higher Education. They are currently learning a variety of teaching techniques. These tutors have recently completed their VCE and have learned the latest skills in their study. It helps the students to get and improve their updated skills knowledge and understanding.

2. Specialists in general subjects - These specialist maths tutors have completed their undergraduate training. They have undergone extensive teacher training and multiple placements in many educational institutes. They have acquired vast knowledge and experience by teaching in several institutes. They have taught several lessons at various levels including years 11 and 12 grades.

These tutors are specialists in the specific subject they teach. They have completed the undergraduate study in specialist subjects such as mathematics or general science. They also have completed the study in specific science subjects like physics or chemistry.

3. Specialists in a specific subject - These specialist tutors have completed their Bachelor of Education. They have undergone extensive teacher training programs along with their higher education. They have vast experience in teaching a specific subject. You can choose a specialist tutor for teaching a specific subject that you need for your child.

These specialists have been teaching maths at the highest levels for several years in various institutes.

Here are some of the suburbs we service:
  • Mulgrave
  • Richmond
  • South Yarra
  • Hawthorne
  • Camberwell
  • Surrey Hills
  • Blackburn
  • Ringwood
  • Box Hill
  • Glen Waverley
  • Mount Waverley
  • Rowville
  • Wantirna
  • Doncaster
  • Eltham
  • Greensborough
  • Nunawading
  • Kew
  • Toorak
  • Balwyn
  • Malvern

Why chose Maths Tutor Melbourne? 
Our tutors have competency and expertise skills to teach one-on-one at your home. Some of the distinct features and benefits of our services include:

1. Teaching as per student's interest, strength, weakness, and goals.
2. Proven and effective methods of teaching.
3. Tutors available for all levels and grades of Mathematics. 
4. Friendly and courteous tutors who are always ready to help students in their challenging subject areas. 
5. Mutually agreed time and location for home tuition that saves your time and effort.
6. Disciplined and consistent tutors who are punctual in their time and teaching. 
7. All our Mathematics tutors are either working with children's check
8. A strong mission to help the students community to reach their potential in mathematics.

You can reach us with a single phone call at 9021-3713, or email or using a filled online request form at our official website. We immediately respond to your call and to help you enroll by filling out the application form. Based on the data you fill, and your need, you can get the details of suitable tutors. You can get the details of the qualification, experience, accreditation and the rates of matching tutors. You can choose the best tutor for your child to provide private tuition.

 You can get these professional in-home teaching for your child from Maths Tutor Melbourne. We help your child to reach their goals and far exceed your expectations.

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